Radical Self Journal



The Radical Self Journal is a journey of self-exploration through writing. It combines the free flow of daily writing prompts with the structure of tracking tools to review the week, track your goals and a monthly cycle tracker to chart the lunar phases and your menstrual cycle (if you have one) because clarity is empowering.

Over a 14 week period you will have reflected on a wide range of aspects of your life and crafted a nourishing self-care practice, that is unique to you and flows with your own natural rhythms (not the ones forced on you by everyone else).

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Chapters include topics such as Routine and Rhythm; Boundaries; Creative Expression; Mindfulness and Mindset; Nature; Spirituality; Self-Compassion; Community Care and Conscious Activism (ie 'be the change' and live you values)

By writing each day you come in to conversation with yourself; reflect on events passed and set intentions for the days to come so you can live each day more with greater clarity, purpose and compassion- for yourself and others.



Why the Radical Self Journal?

The Radical Self Journal is a response to a world in overdrive. Everywhere I look I see busy, exhausted people! Our nervous systems are so overstimulated and there is an epidemic of stress running rampant through out culture that is causing illness and unhappiness.

"When exhaustion depletion and stress are the norm- self-care is radical"

The way I see it, self-care is so much more than the “treat yo-self” activities we are sold by the health and beauty industries; haircuts, manicures, green smoothies, a bit of lippy and an online shopping spree are far from the the limit of 'self-care.

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Authentic self-care is the work of re-imagining the way we live our lives and reconnecting with our own rhythms (rather than the crazy hectic ones dictated by society) We need a new way forward towards personal and global sustainability. This is the work of self-awareness (tuning in), and by truly knowing and caring for ourselves, we become better able to give love and care to others and the planet; we positively impact the world by embodying our values, living wholeheartedly and knowing what we stand for.


The journey to authentic self-care can be a tough one, especially if you were not raised to know love and care, you are working really hard and are burned out; you are nurturing small humans and barely have a moment to breathe; you live with a chronic illness or mental health issues.

The practice of intentional self-care may just change your life - radically; connecting you to your deepest needs and most heartfelt desires- the essence of who you are.

Why 'Radical'?

Radical means 'to the root' lets get down the the root of who we are, reconnect with what we need to live with more energy, greater clarity and purpose.

If we chose to get radical about self awareness, self-love and self-care, we are likely going to need to go against the grain of the ways in which we have been living. It take courage, guts and a daring spirit to forge ahead on this path less traveled, but from experience I can tell you - it is SO worth is, and your heart, mind and body will thank you for it!


The Radical Self Journal (Successfully Crowdfunded in November 2017)  is a perfect for busy women, entrepreneurs, mums and those who crave some time out to reconnect through journaling and put their soul on the agenda.


  • Over 100 daily writing prompts to explore themes of you inner life- such as self-compassion, boundaries, creativity, mindfulness and mindset.

  • Tracking tools to set your goals

  • Weekly reflection space to review what's passed

  • Daily intention setting

  • Meditation tracker (and bonus guided meditations)

  • Cycle tracker (to chart the lunar phases and your menstrual cycle)

  • No dates-- so start whenever, skip a day or write a bunch at once!

  • 180 pages, 14 chapters - 14 self care themes to explore.

  • Original artwork throughout by Anna Roszko

  • Thoughtful, beautiful design. Size: A5. 120gsm paper ("toothy" which means easy to write on, feels yummy and soaks up your ink without going through). Rounded corners (so they won't get as banged up and dog eared when you take this journal baby out with you in your bag to your fav writing spot) Thick textured buffalo board cover with gold leaf layers. Bronze wire bound. It's substantial, robust and beautiful journal to hold your deep thoughts, reflections and dreams.

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