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Hey There Writer,

Thanks for being here with your vision, message and willingness to share your words with the world.

The Radical Self Care Project blog is seeking pieces which address the world view of those who are struggling with self care, nailing it, or failing to get the balance right. We're looking for those who juggle multiple roles and responsibilities; those who routinely put others needs before their own; such as mothers, carers and social workers. We're seeking stories from those whose drive to positively impact the world sometimes gets in the way of their own self-care. And we're looking to hear from those who experience social isolation as they navigate mental health issues- their own or others.

We're looking to share the self care success stories and failures. What have you learned and what do you want to pass on? Essays are great, so are personal stories, and "How To" guides that encourage the reader to explore a tool or technique for self care.

The blog will reflect perspectives from: parents, entrepreneurs, activists, addicts, refugees, people in the middle, people at the fringe.; people recovering from health issues, whether sickness, injury or trauma.

We're looking for provocation as well, after all it's RADICAL self care. Can you provoke and unsettle mainstream assumptions about self care? What about the relationship between self care and 'community care', spiritual development, being of service, and making a difference. What about self care and narcissism, self indulgence and the beauty industry?

Written pieces submitted to Radical Self Care Project should be 400-1500 words in length. Bios should be 50-75 words. Please send a headshot and an image to accompany your piece (you must have the right to use the image, i.e. it's an image of you, created by you, or if by another aritst, please provide proof that it may be used on this site.)

All work will be reviewed, and submission is not a guarantee of publishing. You will be notified if your piece is to be published.

The work must be your own and it pretty much goes without saying, but it should not spread bade vibes- no shaming or bad mouthing other humans, even if they wronged you. Anything of this nature wont be considered for the blog.

Your work may be edited for minor spelling and punctuation.

Pop your details below and submit your article (or proposal) via the form.

Cheers to you, Self Care Warrior and thanks for being part of this.

You're presence and participation, especially in these early formative days of Radical Self Care Project warms my heart.

With love,

Kate xo

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