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Congratulations! You have just done something a lot of people struggle with. You are taking a bold and loving step in the direction of SELF CARE.

You have heard your own inner voice as she Calls out for intentional nourishment... and that, dear Sister, is huge!

This is where the journey begins, with a willingness to listen to that inner voice and discover what we truly need to thrive.

But often when we undertake a personal development challenge,  we become faced with obstacles. In this case, obstacles to self-care such as guilt, feelings of un-worthiness and that little voice that says 'I don't have time!"

Today I am offering you a meditation to support you to come in to a new relationship with your obstacles to self-care so you can release, resolve and learn from them.

Have a listen to the recording above and let me know how you go!

Viva La Self-Care,

Kate x