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Self-Care is RADICAL because too often we feel guilty about it; confusing self care with self indulgence. I believe self-care is the radical journey to know yourself, and what you need, so you can preserve and sustain your life. When the limit of self-care is simply to "treat yo'self" with spa treatments, shopping sprees or junk food, we can become stuck in the idea of self-care meaning indulgence. Self-care can be as simple as taking three deep breaths when you notice you are stressed or remembering to eat food that nourishes you at regular intervals so you don't get hangry.  Breathing easy and eating well, is hardly indulgent and yet surprisingly difficult for busy people to do.

Self care is radical because if taken seriously, it asks us to go beyond one-size fits all notions of well being and nourishment. It requires a level of deep self love, self awareness and… listening. Your own unique "self-care medicine bag" will be filled with practices and tools that others may choose to leave by the wayside. Getting clear about what your body, mind, emotional self and spiritual self needs to be sustainable is a process, and one which will evolve over time.

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Images (L-R): @rachalic // @thebliss_junkie - middle 3 // @k8alexandrayoga

Images (L-R): @rachalic // @thebliss_junkie - middle 3 // @k8alexandrayoga

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A live group program using journaling, meditation and daily prompts to help you reconnect with the whispers of your soul. Overcome your blocks to self care and pack your personal "Self Care Medicine Bag"

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Have a listen to stories of self-care on the Radical Self Care Stories Podcast. We cover a variety of topics in the realm of self-care through interviews with guests, guided practices and "Homeplay" prompts.

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The Radical Self Care Project Story.

Radical Self Care Project began as a humble instagram ‘challenge’ back in December 2015. Over 100 people participated, responding to prompts and sharing daily pictures and stories of self-care. It was incredible to witness the community gather, share so openly and support one another!

“It has been truly eye opening for me. I am seeing myself implement more and more self care in to my days as a result. I am meditating more and dealing with interactions differently. I am so happy to have started this wonderful journey to self-love and self-care” @kailea84

I saw first hand how the radical self-care movement was changing lives, (including my own!) so I wanted to create more spaces (beyond instagram) for these stories to be exchanged. In Feb 2016, I built a website, started a blog and created a free 14 day e-course. This time over 400 people signed up for the e-course and I received similar testimonials of how transformational it had been.

“I absolutely relish each prompt. You have done an extraordinary job. This is LIFE CHANGING stuff! Thank you!!!"  Anna Love

In Feb 2017 Radical Self-Care Project re-launched as a 28 day E-Course, which included daily prompts, a beautiful indie journal, audio meditations, live group calls, a self-care package received by post and a facebook page to connect us all. Fifty beautiful souls participated and once again participants spoke of major shifts, new discoveries and radical life change!

“I LOVED the guided meditations and I will continue to use them often. I learned that self care doesn't have to take up a lot of time. That little acts more often can always fit into your routine and be just as, if not more, effective. Thank you for sharing this concept, this experience with us. You have brought a new Light into my life. Bless you"  Monica Mumme

All the offerings shared through Radical Self Care Project; the podcast, the e-course and the new Radical Self Journal Pages, are all to support you in the process of pausing, reflecting and honouring all that needs to happen for a heart-felt authentic relationship with yourself to blossom and with that, sustainable, radical self-care!



Hi I'm Kate!

I'm the Founder of Radical Self-Care Project and this is my Story.

Hi I’m Kate. I am a Sydney based yoga teacher, mum of 2 small humans and a passionate advocate for self-care. My self-care journey began soon after I was born in to motherhood. Being the nurturer for very high needs baby meant I developed post-natal anxiety, severe insomnia and my mental health crumbled. Night after night I struggled to fall asleep; my nervous system so wired from stress of nurturing a very unsettled baby and months of night waking to feed.

I was recommended yoga nidra, a deeply restorative guided meditation that has proven positive affects with PTSD, insomnia and other stress related conditions. After about 6 weeks of consistent practice I was able to sleep deeply again and the symptoms of anxiety were gone. I had a renewed focus on the importance of self-care, realizing small intentional actions that send the love and care inward, can be so empowering.

I enrolled in my yoga teacher training straight away to learn more about this yoga nidra and once qualified I focused on supporting (mostly) women with yoga and mindfulness practice for self-care.

These days my self-care is a daily practice of coming in to a deeper loving relationship with myself, to live in my truth, and know that I am enough. My self-care looks different each day, but my base line self-care is meditation, tracking my menstrual cycle, walking in the bush near my house and trying to slow down, breathe and be present to what is happening right this moment.

I believe that self-care is the action we take to know ourselves (as opposed to treating ourselves) so we can best serve our needs from a place of self-awareness and love. I also believe that when we practice sending the love and care inward, we become more loving and caring of all those around us… and this is the change I seek to create in the world.

May we all know love, happiness and freedom!


Kate xo

Feel free to connect with me on instagram I’m @k8alexandrayoga & @radicalselfcareproject or contact me here for comments, questions and collaborations.



Pictures (L-R) @issaris // @catvaladezyoga // @k8alexandrayoga// @bravebohemian // @indigo_spirit_child

Pictures (L-R) @issaris // @catvaladezyoga // @k8alexandrayoga// @bravebohemian // @indigo_spirit_child