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Radical Self Care: A Manifesto

when depletion, stress and overwhelm become the norm, self care is radical.


Self Care is RADICAL because too often we feel guilty about it; confusing self care with self indulgence. Self care is not, or rather need not be, a week-long holiday in the tropics drinking stick drinks and getting daily spa treatments. It can be as simple as taking three deep breaths when you notice you are stressed or remembering to eat food that nourishes you at regular intervals. Yep self care can be as simple as breathing easy and eating well, which is hardly indulgent and yet surprisingly difficult for busy people.

Self care is radical because if taken seriously, it asks us to go beyond one-size fits all notions of well being and nourishment. It requires a level of deep self love, self awareness and… listening. Your own unique self care medicine bag will be filled with practices and tools that others may choose to leave by the wayside. Getting clear about what your body, mind, emotional self and spiritual self needs to be sustainable is a process, and one which will evolve over time.



Images (L-R): @rachalic // @thebliss_junkie - middle 3 // @k8alexandrayoga

Images (L-R): @rachalic // @thebliss_junkie - middle 3 // @k8alexandrayoga


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Radical Self Care Project was first born on Instagram in December 2015 as a 12 day guided exploration in to self care habits and routines.

Co-created and hosted by three yoginis Kate Alexandra (@k8alexandrayoga), Micara Link (@micara.link) and Meiche Tea (@littlegypsyfeet), who offered daily prompts to invite the practice of self care and deep listening, and soulful reflection.

The community gathered using the hash tag #RadicalSelfCareProject and something extraordinary and transformational began happening. Realisations and insights were shared and as the community supported and encouraged one another, negative habits were re-routed in favour of more sustaining choices, healing and self care, on all levels... body, mind and soul.

Out of these 12 days on social media, grew this website and blog. Many of the pictures you see on this site are from the incredible people who participated with us in December, 2015. Thank you, each of you for sharing yourselves with us. you are all such an inspiration!

Kate Alexandra continues to nourish Radical Self Care Project, by running this website and is deeply honoured to pass on the teachings of yoga in her community of Waverton in Sydney, Australia, She's also the mother of two small (and fabulous) humans. You can connect with Kate via her website: www.katealexandra.com.au and instagram.

Pictures (L-R) @issaris // @catvaladezyoga // @k8alexandrayoga// @bravebohemian // @indigo_spirit_child

Pictures (L-R) @issaris // @catvaladezyoga // @k8alexandrayoga// @bravebohemian // @indigo_spirit_child