Pay What You Can for the Radical Self Care Project Meditations

Yes, I'd like the meditations.

Until April 25th, my gift to you is the chance to, pay what you can for the 7 Radical Self Care Project Meditations

Get started clearing space and tuning in to yourself and your needs.

7 Guided Meditation Practices.

1) Meditation for practicing presence, 

2) Inner Child Meditation, 

3) Yoga Nidra Meditation, 

4) Grounding Meditation, 

5) Meditation for Working with Obstacles

6) Metta Loving Kindness Meditation

7) Gratitude Meditation


What people have said about these meditations

"This is life-changing stuff!" Anna L

"The guided meditations were divine" Gen J

"The Inner Child meditation - wow. just wow!" LeAnn W

"Wow!! The obstacles meditation was pretty dang magical. I realized how powerful I am." B Manganese

"Kate your gift... your voice, I'm speechless." Julie F

"Kate's love and guidance radiates" Gretchen N

And from my one of my first yoga teachers, Katie Manitsas, who participated in the program.

"Just wanted to say I thought the program was awesome. Well thought out, meaningful not fluffy or tokenistic. Genuine food for thought and reflection and sparked some small but powerful changes for me and my family. Thank you for your powerful work in the world and for offering and sharing so wholeheartedly."


Want a bit more Radical Self-Care?

I am also offering a self-paced 7 day course with journaling prompts to help you pack your self-care medicine bag.

Get the 7 day course for $79 or just pay what you can, below to download the meditations only.

Yes, I'd like the Meditations