Dearest Self Care Warriors.

Welcome. I am super excited to have you joining me for what is going to be an incredible 12 days-- potentially transforming your relationship to self care.

I've put together a little guide to help you get organised for 12 Days of Self Care, which begins November 29th, 2016

4 Tips to help you get the MOST out of this experience: {WATCH VIDEO BELOW}


The 4 Tips Checklist:

1) Add me to your contacts and create am email filter for messages like these so you don't miss a prompt. How to create an automatic filter for this email series, using gmail.

2) Put self care on the agenda: You'll need 5-45minutes each day (depending on whether there is a Bonus Yoga and Meditation Guide or not, and how deeply you want to explore each prompt.)

DAY 1 and Day 12 will both require up to 45minutes to complete a guided practice and then, journal your responses - please honour yourself and make arrangements to be uninterrupted during this time.

Day 4, 6, 7 and 11 include guided practices which take roughly 10-20minutes,

All other days require contemplation which can occur throughout your day- though do give yourself time to journal your responses to the prompt to get the most out of it. (See #3)

If you are an ultra planner-- schedule the time you are going to dedicate to this project every day for next 12 days, or if you like to go with the flow, perhaps write your self a note where you will see it each day, to remind you to dip in to your email and collect the daily prompt.

3) Get a journal or a notepad, because your personal reflection process is integral creating real, lasting change in your life.

4) Be social--Join the facebook group and introduce yourself and where you are from. On Instagram, use the hashtag #RadicalSelfCareProject and share an image to reflect the day's prompt.