Ep.018 Conscious Family Rhythms, Spiritual Practice & Self Confidence with Katie Manitsas


Hello Friends! The podcast is back after a break, and I cannot wait to share this really special episode with you. My guest today, Katie Manistas, Senior Yoga Teacher and Ayurvedic Practitioner is such a wise, articulate and inspiring woman who shows the way for living a conscious, spiritually connected life, in a modern urban setting. She's was one of my first yoga teachers (when I was just 20 years old) and since then she has been my birth doula, mentor and friend. 

In this episode we talk about:

* Creating rhythms and routines for our families and children, to create connection and support their self-awareness and self-regulation.

* How to modify "dinacharya" the Ayurvedic daily routine, to make it accessible for for modern life.

* The single powerful practice Katie uses in the moments of waking and falling to sleep.

* A hilarious story about her 4 year old's attempted use of the Maha Mantra ;)

* The meaning of "true self-confidence". Katie shares her recent musings and deep wisdom about cutting through the noise of "false" confidence, the ego as a "hungry ghost" and the "commonsense" self-confidence that emerges when we know we are connected to something bigger.

I absolutely loved this chat and I know for the spiritual seekers, yoga practitioners and awakening women in this community-- you will TOO!

Connect with Katie...


@katiemanitsas on instagram

Ayurveda Sadhana Training - Starts June 22 in Bronte, Sydney

Katie Manitsas is an advanced level Jivamukti Yoga Teacher and a Wise Earth Ayurveda master teacher.  She is also qualified in Kundalini Yoga and as a doula (childbirth support person) and holds the highest possible accreditations with both Yoga Alliance and Yoga Australia.  She has been teaching yoga for over 20 years. Katie’s passion is in yogic philosophy and the seasonal practices of sadhana – bringing devotion and a sense of the sacred to everyday life, as well as compassion for animals and a deep reverence for nature.  Katie is a published author of several books including ‘The Yoga of Birth’.  She is the mother of four young boys and lives with her loud and busy family in Sydney’s Inner West. May our practice together be luminous and purposeful.

The Big Exhale: Finish the Year Connected and Clear.

RSCS_The Big Exhale.png

Let us finish the year connected and clear!

No matter what we have faced in the past eleven and a half months, let us clear some space, release that which no longer serves and invite in that which contributes to our highest good.

There are two basic rhythms in life... the Inhale (rising energy & birth/growth) and the Exhale (descending energy & release/decay)

In this short n sweet podcast, I explore:

* The significance of these two basic rhythms (inhale & exhale) as we bring 2017 to a close with intention.

* How you can harness the energy of the "big exhale" to let go of that which is no longer serving you.

* Practical ways to cleanse and clear 4 major areas of your life: Body, Mind, Home and Relationships.

Listen on the go to gain a few juicy insights, or light a candle and go "All In" with your journal & pen for a deeper reflection sesh to wrap up the year.

A few of other ways to get your "big exhale" on...

* Join me & my lovely friend and teacher Katie Manitsas in Sydney for an End of Year Satsang (yoga, chanting and mandala making) Monday Dec 11th, 6:30 - 8:30pm ---> Here

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* "Radical Self-Care Reset" an 8 day "challenge' on Instagram, to focus on your own unique flavour of self-care; this may be a daily yoga routine, clean eating, art-making, boundary setting, time alone to 'do you' etc etc. You set your OWN goals, I provide support and community. And if you chose to play all-out on instagram, there are some lovely prizes to be won!  Check it out-->  Here

* Radical Self Journal. The last date to guarantee Aussie wide delivery before Christmas is Dec 14th --> Here

* Book a Self-Care Coaching Session with me to strategize your radical self-care needs. $65 for 45min via zoom or skype. Email me to set up a time - kate (at) katealexandra.com.au

Viva La Self-Care!

Kate x

Ep.016 Daily Rituals of Self-Care


Daily Rituals of Self-Care.

The Full Moon in Taurus calls us in to an earthy, sensual, fully-bodied, presence. In today’s women’s circle (which was utterly divine- thank you Sisters!) women connected with the natural abundance of the breath, sensory pleasure and the fullness and aliveness of BEING!

 Through a guided meditation and breathing practice we connected with the womb-space/ Yonisthana Chakra and the third eye centre/ Ajna Chakra to call in a deeply bodied wisdom & intuition to rise. And we asked our wise body how she would like to be nourished!

Following on from our private women's circle, we flowed in to a super casual workshop on daily rituals of self-care. The replay is here as a podcast for your listening pleasure.

Mini-rituals are do-able ways to get self-care in, without it feeling like a huge item to add to your to-do list. Yes, there are annual rituals, birthdays, holy days, blessing ways, full moon circles and monthly menstrual cycle rhythms which call in ritual in a powerful way in our lives.

But today we are talking about those micro-moments, the little top ups, where we can dive in to connection and presence with yourself and what is flowing.

Given we are all generally SO busy, I LOVE my micro moments of self-care and connection to top me up and keep me humming along.

In this podcast/workshop I discuss:

* The 3 elements that make ritual, ritual.

* Why not only us, but our culture at large, needs ‘radical’ self-care.

* The most powerful time of day to meet the moment with ritual self-care.

* Soulful self-care rituals for your whole being: Body - Mind - Emotions.

* Design your own a self-care ritual- choose your own adventure style- it can be as simple as elaborate as you like!

* Finally I share a GIVEAWAY I am doing with @wanderessbeauty for those who get the Radical Self Journal by 3pm today, Nov 4th. Link is here: https://startsomegood.com/radical-self-journal to order & you’ll automatically go in draw!

Love you all!


Ep.015 Self-Care Base Camp: Sleep, Movement and Nutrition

Today I am sharing a mini-workshop with you to help you audit your Base Level Self-Care

In this episode I talk about the importance of Sleep, Movement and Nutrition to maintain your daily function and invite you to audit these aspects of your well-being, which will create a positive ripple in to other areas of your life.

Radical means- "to the root"- and so to dive deep in to base level self-care can empower you to bring greater awareness to the root-cause of issues you are experiencing in your health.

FYI this episode is not a lecture, I am not telling you how and when and where and what to do with your sleep, movement and nutrition-- there are PLENTY of other places to gather 'expert' advice, which sadly, is often conflicting, and therefore confusing, about how to best meet these base needs. Instead, I am inviting you to move though a process of bringing the POWER of awareness to these areas, and chances are with some thoughtful noticing, you will be able to iron out any glitches in your physiological self-care foundation, which will improve your function at the other levels of your being.

Example: I notice certain foods make me feel a certain way, i don't eat those that disagree with me, and eat more of those that make me feel good. I also notice that I need specific conditions for sleep, the more I can tend to these, the better I rest and the better I function. And movement wise, I need to move-- a LOT each day- for my body- and my mind.

I do not prescribe any ''one-size-fits-all" self-care because how could that possibly work? We are all different.

Empower yourself by bringing mindfulness to Sleep, Nutrition and Movement to identify areas of need, so you can make some positive changes to your lifestyle - AND call in some extra practitioner support if needed!

Viva La Base Level Self-Care!

Kate xx

Ep.014 Meditation for Self-Compassion: R.A.I.N.S

RSCS_Self-Compassion Meditation.png

The Buddhist meditation practice of R.A.I.N.S is one of the most powerful and transformative ways I've come across to deal with suffering. It stands for: Recognise. Allow. Inquire. Nurture. Self-Compassion.

I have been working with this meditation practice for about six months. I was introduced to it, by the inimitable Tara Brach. (Go look her up if you want straight talk on living dharma).

Give yourself the gift of your own presence, and through this RAINS meditation, practice being with yourself in the way you would be with a dear friend who was struggling; your immense capacity to feel, self-nurture and tend to your hurts arises naturally from within.

Self-Compassion is a balm for the soul; and it will make you kinder human.

May this practice bring you as much beauty, release and healing as it has for me!

All my Love,



Ep.013 Social Work, Self-Cafe and Trauma Informed Yoga with Nicole Steward


Nicole Steward is a social worker, and a trauma informed yoga and meditation teacher. After almost two decades as a social worker (MSW) working in foster youth services, rape crisis, juvenile justice, and education Nicole began to see the vital need for self-care to prevent burn-out. She noticed that whenever self-care came up, it was casually addressed but rarely taken seriously or discussed in depth. 

In this podcast Nicole shares the personal journey that led her to this work, and how she came to taking her own self-care seriously, discovering yoga & mindfulness as a very effective treatment to the vicarious (and often direct) trauma of social work.  Nicole now works not only with young people, but in support of the adults who work with young people offering yoga and mindfulness practices for self-care.

"Teaching yoga and offering self-care workshops that focus on understanding the neurobiology of trauma to social service agencies, schools, and non-profit organizations allows me to share the good news of self-care and the message of resilience!"

In this podcast we discuss:

* The importance of self-care for carers, and some ways to incorporate self-care in environments where you are exposed to vicarious trauma.

* What is trauma informed yoga? And how can we bring principles of trauma informed yoga to a group class.

* Nicole's story with this work, 2 burn outs and her growing awareness around her own triggers which enable her to practice radical self-care as a social worker.

* The complexity of "teaching" self-care to people who have not had love, care and belonging modeled or expressed to them as children.

It's a juicy chat, Nicole is a very clear voice for this work, and a great storyteller. She believes wholeheartedly that self-care is a RADICAL TENDENCY we must adopt if we are to sustain ourselves as service providers, change makers, and human beings.

Have a listen and pass on to anyone who you feel may enjoy or benefit from this chat!

Viva La Self-Care

Kate x


Connect with Nicole Steward through Radical Tendencies.

Nicole is @yoga_steward on Instagram

Download these free journal pages and start visioning, and living your life with Radical Self-Care!

Love, Kate xo

Ep.012 Self-Care for the Self-Employed with Brook McCarthy

Today I talk with digital marketing trainer, writer and business coach Brook McCarthy about 4 major self-care themes for the self-employed. And even if you are not self-employed these themes are still relevant to the workplace, and life in general. We discuss:

Boundaries: How to set boundaries with clients, money and time. Indicate where your boundaries are through action, rather than getting cranky when they're over stepped. And how to create space for yourself to work (and relax) at home, especially when you have small humans.

Managing Stress: Understand your unique triggers- ie the root cause of the stress (which may be a boundary issue) and how to deal with stress in a crisis. Brook shares a few of her favorite stress busters.

Getting Your Focus Pants On: Don't kid yourself that mucking about on social media is a replacement for real work. Concentrate on what's important. Brook shares a few fantastic tools you can use to bring laser focus to running your own race and tuning out the noise.

The Comparison Trap: Given the visibility of business in the age of the internet, it's so easy to get stuck comparing ourselves to folks who may be decades ahead of us in their career. Brook shares some helpful reminders of why comparison is not even accurate metric of your success, and how to stay focused on running your own race.

Finally Brook shares a "Homeplay", get ready, because this one is so much FUN!!


Love, Kate



Brook's programs:

Hustle and Heart - Group Coaching Program

Non Planner's Business Plan

Her article on the problem with "charge what you're worth"- Money and Self-Worth

Focus Pants on:

Forest- grow a tree and stay out of the social media rabbit warren.

Pomodoro Productivity Technique

Connect with Brook:




Viva La Self-Care!


Pre-order your Radical Self Journal HERE.

When exhaustion, depletion and stress become the norm, self-care is radical!

The Radical Self Journal gives you daily writing prompts to reflect on various aspects of self-care; including Routine & Rhythm, Boundaries; Creative Expression; Relationship with Nature; Spirituality; Mindfulness & Mindset; Community Care and Conscious Activism.

By writing each day you come in to conversation with yourself; you'll reflect on events passed and set intentions for the days to come. Over the 14 week writing journey you will better understand what you truly need and the courage and self-compassion to do something about it!

Love, Kate

Ep.011 Dances with the Heart's Desire.

In this episode I share how radical self-care is continually schooling me in refining the way I live, so each day can be an expression of my hearts desire for Simplicity, Presence and Wholeness.

I talk about listening to my intuition, the greatest teaching of my life - learning to say no and do less, the powers of concentration and the mind (I read from Swami Vishnu-Devananda) and the re-commitment to daily sadhana (conscious spiritual practice) in the form of meditation and mantra (I read from Maya Tiwari) and how all this relates to the evolution of this project... "Radical Self Care Project", where form must meet function. I share intimately about my process in creating all this, giving you a bit of a behind the scenes look at my attempts at rejecting masculine ways of doing business and finding a more authentic feminine way which is more sustainable and more, me.

I share a Homeplay, guided practice at the end, for connecting with your Sankulpa/ Heart's Desire.


Love, Kate

The Radical Self Journal is here!

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