Ep.008 Art Journaling + The Red Tepee with Michelle Buggy

In today's episode I chat with Michelle Buggy. Michelle is an Art Therapist, Director of InformEmotion and a mother of 5. Her passions are in art, mental health, menstrual education, community relations and supporting woman in all areas of emotional health.

We discuss art making as a process to explore our inner world, to bring to the surface mood, thought and feeling through accessing a different part of the brain. Michelle shares the evolution of her art practice, from making art journals while traveling and throughout pregnancy, to now facilitating art therapy workshops both at festivals with community participants and in a psychiatric hospital with those who suffer from trauma. Her Red Tepee, showcases the work of diverse women's relationship to their wombs, and at other times it serves as a "Red Tent" where menstruating women can rest. And at the end of the chat, Michelle shares a prompt for "Home Play" so you can explore your response to your day/ inner landscape through art-making.



Michelle's Art Therapy Journal: ‘Spring Tide - Experiential Creative Arts Journal’


The Red Tepee

Birthing Art Birthing Heart

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Surf Coast Celebration Day for Girls

Spring Tide Journal

The Red Tepee on Facebook

Bleeding Art Bleeding Heart

Ep.007 MINISODE: Trataka/ Candle Gazing Kriya

If you’ve ever been transfixed by a candle flame or a bonfire and felt your mind clear, you may have been tapping into a yogic practice of trataka.

The Hatha Yoga Pradipika defines trataka as “looking intently with an unwavering gaze at a small point until tears are shed.”

This simple technique cleanses, revives and strengthens the eyes, while also creating a purifying, invigorating effect on the mind. It improves concentration, reduces eye strain/fatigue and paves the way for a deeper meditation practice.

The eyes are related to manipura chakra, and the fire element (the element of transformation and focus) This practice creates heat in the body which enables transformation process of burning up impurities. When the eyes begin to water, wipe the tears away gently with a tissue (you dont want to rub the impurities back in to the eyes).

Materials needed: candle, matches, something to elevate the candle to eye height, tissue to wipe tears.

Ep.006 Radical Community Care in the Birthing Years with Geneveive Slonim


Genevieve is mother of three, a therapist with an M.A. in Psychology and certification in Narrative Family Therapy. She is also a certified Birth and Post Partum Doula and Childbirth Educator. She is the founder of Birth of a Mama, with an online community on instagram 171k strong. Genevieve's genius I believe is in making the link between the personal and the political, she is and has been deeply active in peace activism and social justice work for over 20 years.

In this conversation Genevieve and I talk about what radical self-care means for her as an North American born mother of 3 living in Israel, and her initial resistance to the term self-care.

Genevieve is vibrant, articulate and passionate as she talks about the formation of the new mothers identity and the way in which this liminal phase can be recognized and reflected back through community, ceremony and ritual (ie that self-care may infact need to begin with the collective, within safe container of relationship and community care!)

This episode is a great one for women beginning the journey to motherhood, or those who are preparing to support a mother through this extraordinary rite of passage.


Kate x


Connect with Genevieve

Birth of a Mama: www.birthofamama.com (Download the Postpartum E-book here)

Instagram @birthofamama

Other Links and Resources Mentioned

Churching of Women

Birth of a Mother (Book by Daniel Stern)

Postnatal Doula Services in Sydney with Yoni Yoga Birth (including belly binding, ceremonial bath, massage, birth story listening, placenta encapsulation)

Kate’s article 40 Days at Home After Birth

Slow Mum's Movement (Australian Mum's taking on traditional post-partum confinement practices- SBS Mini-Documetary)

Bumble Music (From Podcast Intro)



Ep.005 Self-Care for Empaths + Wisdom of Cycles with Kristina Wingeier

Kristina is a compassionate, truth-telling ally for women who are on the path of healing, integration & embodiment. My body of work is anchored in the Blood Mysteries - women's cycles of empowerment - and the natural rhythms of lunar & seasonal living. Multi-perceptual listening allows me to give voice to unseen realms, making this information useful & practical without taking away any of the magic & mystery.

On the #RadicalSelfCareStories Podcast Kristina and I discuss what's in her personal self-care medicine bag; practical self-care for empaths, including creating good boundaries; intuition and how to develop it. Enjoy!

Links we discuss:

The Conscious Empath

The Moon is My Calendar

Ep.004 Strategies for Impact without Burnout with Beth Kanter

Beth Kanter is the author of Beth’s Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media, one of the longest running and most popular blogs for nonprofits.  Beth has over 30 years experience working in the nonprofit sector in technology, training, capacity building, evaluation, fundraising, and marketing.  Beth is an internationally recognized master trainer and was named by Fast Company Magazine as one of the most influential women in technology

And.. she is a radical self care torch bearer.  On this call, Beth talks about her own experience with creating more nourishing and sustainable self care practices, and she shares her insight from working with thousands of non-profits, on how to create a culture of "We Care" community care in the work place.

Check out Beth's latest book, "The Happy Healthy Non-Profit: Strategies for Impact without Burnout"


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Ep.003 Community, Purpose and the Power of Prayer with Avis Mulhall

Avis is a social, spiritual and business activist. She uses events, entrepreneurship, innovation, storytelling & design thinking to inspire & empower changemakers and leaders to create a better future. She lives her life wholly and unapologetically and is dedicated to inspiring others to do the same. 

In this chat, Avis talks openly about hitting a wall, both with her physical and emotional health and needing to take a year off, to do nothing much but care for herself and re-orient her priorities. She speaks passionately about purpose, community and the power of prayer both for personal spiritual practice and conscious activism.

Connect with Avis via Think Act Change



Join us for Radical Self Care Project a nourishing 28 day program for women.

Early Bird Rates available, we kick off 1 February 2017.

More information and bookings here

Ep.002 Boundaries, Intuition and Listening with Micara Link

Micara Link is an integrative therapist and writer; blending yoga, somatics, energy work, intuition and mindfulness as a whole-person approach to healing and empowerment.

Micara talks to Kate about her self care practice, anchored in good boundaries, using intuition and deep listening to know what her body-mind needs at any particular moment. Micara talks about her health crisis earlier this year and shares how she's moving through the challenges with grace and awareness. As a reiki master and energy healer Micara works a lot with intuition and offers some ideas for how you can connect to intuition to deepen your awareness and hone your self care practice.

Connect with Micara on Instagram and Facebook.



Ep.001 Journaling and Reflection through the Seasons with Rebecca (Grace) Funk

Rebecca (Grace) Funk is a priestess, writer, workshop facilitator, and creatrix of the Lunar Journal.  Apprentice and Intern Teacher with the School of Shamanic Womancraft.  Mother to three children, and wife to a kindred wild heart.

In conversation with Kate, Rebecca shares on her self care practice, founded on a deep love and commitment to journaling and reflection. We also chat cycles, seasons and time in nature.

Links to resources shared in our conversation:

Find Rebecca (Grace) Funk at: www.priestessyourlife.com

Access Rebecca's Lunar Journal (use CODE: rscp2017 for a 15% discount!)

Overwhelm E-Book.


Find out more about Radical Self Care Project and download a free meditation for removing obstacles here