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Radical Self Journal Pages

Alongside journalling I wholeheartedly believe in the power of meditation to support self-care. Meditation helps us to clear space and get in touch with what is present, real and true; from here we can liberate ourselves from the racing of thoughts and surrender to what is.

So I've created some Bonus Meditations for you below!

To kick off, have a listen to one of the meditations, it will help you to bypass the mind and get to the heart of your inner quiet space, where intuition and body wisdom lives!

Once you've had a listen... ask yourself with respect to your self-care journey: What does my heart desire? Open your journal pages and let the writing begin...

Viva La Self-Care,



Radical Self Journal BONUSES

This meditation uses body awareness and breath awareness to bring you in to the present moment, calm the nervous system and set the scene for tuning in to your inner voice.

Yoga Nidra is often referred to as a yoga sleep. It's a guided relaxation method designed to give the body-mind full, deep rest, promoting healing and rejuvenation.  It works by beginning with a body scan to induce relaxation and gradually slow down brain waves. During a yoga nidra we move in to theta and delta brain waves which are usually only present during deep sleep.

Accessing slow brain waves while 'conscious' has a powerfully pacifying effect on the body-mind. We also become more receptive to insight.

Studies show that 20 minutes of Yoga Nidra gives the equivalent rest of 3 hours of deep sleep, making is an essential technique to use in times of chronic stress, insomnia or general exhaustion.


Hi, I’m Kate. I figure it's nice to know a bit about the person behind the project, so here's a bit of my story.

I’m the Founder of Radical Self-Care Project and the creator of this journal.

I am a Sydney based yoga teacher, mum of 2 small humans and a passionate advocate for self-care.

My self-care journey began soon after I was born in to motherhood. Being the nurturer for very high needs baby meant I developed post-natal anxiety, severe insomnia and my mental health crumbled. Night after night I struggled to fall asleep; my nervous system so wired from stress and months of night waking to feed.

I was recommended yoga nidra, a deeply restorative guided meditation that has proven positive affects with PTSD, insomnia and other stress related conditions. After about 6 weeks of consistent practice I was able to sleep deeply again and the symptoms of anxiety were gone. I had a renewed focus on the importance of self-care, realizing small intentional actions that send the love and care inward, can be so empowering.

I enrolled in my yoga teacher training straight away to learn more about this yoga nidra and once qualified I focused on supporting (mostly) women with yoga and mindfulness practice for self-care.

My self-care is now a daily practice of deepening in to awareness; meditation- in particular yoga nidra are still central to my self- care, as is movement- bushwalks, yoga and dance. I tend to my inner world with ritual, tracking my menstrual cycle, the lunar phases and journaling.

My premise is that self-care is the action we take to know ourselves (as opposed to just treating ourselves) so we can best serve our needs from a place of self- awareness and love. I also believe that when we practice sending the love and care inward, we become more loving and caring of all those around us... and this is the change I seek to create in the world.

May we all know love, happiness and freedom!

Viva La Self-Care!

Kate xx

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