Shipping from Crowdfunding Orders

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Shipping from Crowdfunding Orders

from 15.00

If you didn't pay for shipping when you ordered via the crowdfunding campaign please settle your account here.

Please note this is discounted shipping.. ie you pay less than what I pay when I post them (it's normally $18 per journal to mail world wide- I am only charging $15 for one and giving you a discount on a bundle) Despite what you'd think, bundling them makes it more expensive, not less because they go as parcels charged by weight, not 'large letters'.

I get that Amazon experiences create a false sense of the 'real cost' of overseas shipping, so I feel the need to share that for a small operation, this is the reality of shipping via aeroplanes over the sea (pretty amazing we can do it at all!)

Prices are in Australia Dollars.




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