Yes! THANK YOU! You are the one I have been waiting for!!

The VIP Launch - 23rd October (2 days before public launch)

It's virtual, so I'll send you the link first thing in the morning


Thanks Friends for committing to be a Day 1 supporter of the Radical Self Journal!

Honestly, I have absolutely poured my heart in to this book project and it's been *such* a vulnerable journey. I am LIVING this process I have created and it's taking me on one helluva ride. I regularly freak out (at least weekly) that no-one is going to want it, and it was a stupid waste of time.

But...  knowing that YOU are going to be there grabbing your journal on Oct 23rd gives me such STRENGTH, I cannot thank you enough.

To help me make this the launch of my dreams please consider doing the following 2 things:

* Join the Facebook Group for the VIP Launch I will be sharing links and graphics in this group for you to easily repost and spread the good word among your people.  Let's get this beautiful book baby on the bedside tables of as many woman as we can!!

* Mark your calendar for Monday Oct 23rd I will send you a reminder by email, first thing in the morning, with the all important campaign link to purchase your journal and details how to share.

Your actions on Day 1 of this launch will literally make it for me. Because I am launching the journal via a crowdfunding campaign your day 1 purchase will literally create solid gold social proof for all those who do not know me and my work.  You validate their choice to get themselves a Radical Self Journal, because they see you have gone before them. You will be showing them the way. And for this, I am grateful to you beyond measure.

See you on the 23rd ( in your inbox, that is... it's a virtual launch!)